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Fortnite vs PUBG VS H1Z1 Review

Competition in the battle royale genre traces back in the old days when graphics were not enhanced by game developers. Recently, there has been heated debate on which is the best battle royale game in the market at the moment. There are three games which are commonly being debated, namely PUBG, H1Z1 and Fortnite Battle Royale game. All 3 games have working free aimbot hacks.This debate started off with PUBG and H1Z1 before fortnite took over. These three games are based on a chaotic environment and a player must do everything in his power to survive. Let us kick off and directly look at these three epic games,

Fortnite review

Fortnite battle royale game is the latest contester, among the three epic games. It has broken numerous records such as attracting up to 20 million players within a month after its release. This record made this game be ranked among the top game contesters in the year 2017. That’s not all; it can be played in three main devices, namely PC, Xbox one and recently PS4. Fortnite is the only epic game that allows a person to build structures. Consequently, this game is designed to meet different players’ needs. Additionally, the approach of this game is a bit aggressive and a person must be always cautious or he risks dying. Furthermore, a Fortnite hack can be used to help you win your games. Lastly, this game is constantly capsizing as it limits the use of vehicles. This feature makes fortnite battle royale interesting and full of adventure.

PUBG review

PUBG constantly competes with fortnite battle royale game. There are numerous speculations that these two games look similar. That is not the case; there are numerous differences about these two games. PUBG is one of the battle royale genre games. A player must do everything in his power to remain the last man standing.

PUBG has gained widespread acceptance because of its straightforward and easy to understand missions. Amateurs can easily grasp the concept of this game as there are numerous videos guiding people on how to play this game.

The game plan of this game is simple. The gamer will be dropped from a plane. He must look for gear to protect himself and find the safe zone. In short, you must play smart.

H1ZI Review

This game is perfect for gamers who would like to experience chaos. Gamers have the opportunity to choose violence or refrain from violence. H1Z1 is a zombie survival base game and players must do anything within their capabilities to survive. There is no doubt is fun and worth trying out, especially if you use it with a working H1Z1 esp. Sadly, some gamers don’t like how people walk through walls and the animation graphics. That’s not all; there are numerous cases of H1Z1 game being prone to bugs. These two statements have made H1Z1 be ranked third. This is after PUBG and fortnite battle royale games, which tie.

In conclusion, we must come together and agree that these three epic gamers have massive followers. Moreover, they keep on breaking records. Simply try them out and choose a game that captivates you to play further.

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