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Prerealese Image Showing Starkiller with Two Blue Lightsabers

Hey everyone it is I Will! A new reviewer for this great videogame blog, I decided I wanted to introduce myself by giving you guys a review on the recently launched Star Wars: TFU II the sequel to LucasArts 2008 game Star Wars: TFU, If you remember the first game you played as Starkiller Darth Vaders secret apprentice, and if you remember almost at the end of the game you get two choices: kill Vader or let him live and save your new master, each decision gave a different ending and an achievement or trophy on the X360 and PS4 respectively,

apparently Star Wars: TFU II creates its plot from the DONT KILL VADER ending in which your character dies…

Yeah it made me doubt at first…Wasnt Starkiller dead? Well he IS dead but Vader retrieved his dead body and cloned him. However the cloning process had a flaw…when remembering Juno Eclipse(the pilot from the first game and Starkillers love interest) his emotions are triggered and in a rage he defies Vaders influence over him, and escapes the planet Kamino(in which the cloning complex is located) and begins his search for redemption as fugitive from the galaxy…

Yoda like Bobba Fett will also appear on this new installment

Basically this plot may seem a little twisted with the cloning and everything but lets keep in count that the first installment wasnt planned to be that-a first installment- it was just like the connection between Episode III and IV, but as it resulted incredibly good and became LucasArts top selling game…IT HAD TO HAVE A SEQUEL! They-LucasArts- improved what the first game was and added a few more cool schtuff, like two lightsabers for brutally desmenbrating your opponent or decapitate him. The graphics are amazing! But as much as this game seems to be an instant hit it does have its flaws.

First of all: The Story, ok I understand that it is  kinda messed up but it is because writers literally pulled it off their slevees, I mean the story wasnt designed to have a sequel, period.

Diferences on platforms: Again each console has its unique design for the gameplay, although the story is consistant in all the consoles it was released,it still disadvantages the X360 and the PS4 over the Nintendo Wii and NDS, giving the last two more capasities such as multiplayer. Also it was cancelled for the PSP.

But this flaws seem minimal compared to the good stuff this game can offer, the idea of two lightsabers is fenomenal, the engine this game uses is the perfect crossing! (Euphoria, Havox and DMM  made everything much more realistic) the Force Grip power is now easier to control and we finally get GOOD and EPIC boss battles!

In conclusion I must say that although SW: TFU II doesnt have a great hell of a plot it is a really good game it is definitely was better than any Star Wars game so far, yes the lack of a good plot is disappointing but the game compensates in the fact that it finally gave players everything they wanted to be improved, THAT is what a real game is, it doesnt really matter that it gets an Oscar for best scripts or Drama or whatever, what matters is that it gave players what they wanted…THATS what an EXCELLENT game is.


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